Whole Body Health

Understand the underlyingcauses to body health, tiredness and degenerative disease

5 Stages of Change

Make change simply by understanding what stage you are at and how to take appropriate action

Simple Steps to more energy

Learn how to wake each day bouncing out of bed and finish the day with energy


What is Resilience?

Understand what resilience is and the role it plays in managing and overcoming obstacles that occur in your life and thrive from the experience

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to balance emotions and intellect to achieve a clear perspective and enable better communication

Challenges in the Workplace

Discover how to identify and overcome challenges in the workplace, identify early warning signs and gain practical strategies to overcome obstacles


Transitioning into Management

Learn how to transfer your technical skills to those of your team. Gain practical steps for your team to work synergistically towards a common goal

Coaching Teams

Discover how to create a consistently positive culture within your team. Learn coaching skills to better understand the needs of the team and therefore increase productivity

Appropriate Workplace Behaviour

Gain tips, tools and guidance in responding to and managing inappropriate workplace behaviour